Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Technology Tid-Bits

This week my schedule seems jam-packed with presentations on new technologies and data analysis tools.

It's been fun to see that the number and type of high-throughput image acquisition instruments--as well as the number and type of image analysis software tools--has increased in recent years. No doubt fueled by commercial interest in cell-based assays.

Yesterday, a representative from Definiens came to talk about their latest software for life sciences. It includes analysis of time-course and Z-section image series. 

Seems as if there are many new or improved image analysis tools popping up these days. Not just commercial software. Also things like Cell Profiler that have been developed in academic labs. 

It makes it easy to forget that the early image-based screens at the DRSC were analyzed by that so-expert (but alas, a bit error prone) analysis tool, the human eye + brain.

And today our fellow-HMS pals at the ICCB-L (among other things, they support RNAi screening in mammalian cells) are hosting a representative from Meso Scale Discovery, who will talk about detecting biomarkers using electrochemiluminescence technology.

Electrochemiluminescence? What a mouthful! I'm looking forward to learning more.

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