Monday, May 18, 2009

Breaking Report: Comparing DRSC Screen Data to PPI Data

What's on my desk today? 

Wang, Tu & Sun (2009) A network-based integrative approach to prioritize reliable hits from multiple genome-wide RNAi screens in Drosophila. BMC Genomics, 10:220.

Why this paper? 

Among other reasons, as it's based on results of 24 screens performed at the DRSC (full citations of these and more here), which the authors downloaded from our openly accessible website and database. It's great to see that our data sharing policies are facilitating this type of work. 

Also, at the DRSC we are interested in computational and experimental approaches that lead to integration of large datasets. It's becoming clear that analysis of integrated results can improve our understanding and interpretation of individual results. Indeed, Wang et al. conclude in their study that integrating the RNAi results with protein-protein interaction data informs the understanding of false positive and false negative results.

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