Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Breaking Reports: Validation, Screening & in vivo Technologies

On my desk to read today? A couple of new cell-based screen-related papers--one of which systematically tests orthologs of candidate genes culled from fly screens in human cells--and a report on recombinases newly available for use in Drosophila. The report on recombinases is not directly relevant to fly RNAi but I'm including it because what's described should be of general interest to Drosophila researchers--yet another new tool in our ever-growing molecular genetic toolbox.

Bai et al. (2011) Identification and characterization of a set of conserved and new regulators of cytoskeletal organisation, cell morphology and migration. BMC Biol. 9(1):54. PMID: 21834987.

Dubrovsky et al. (2011) The Drosophila FTZ-F1 nuclear receptor mediates juvenile hormone activation of E75A gene expression through an intracellular pathway. J Biol Chem. PMID: 21832074.

Nern et al. (2011) Multiple new site-specific recombinases for use in manipulating animal genomes. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. PMID: 21831835.

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