Friday, February 13, 2009

Quote of the Week--Looking Forward

Today's quote comes from a recent News & Views on two papers that describe multiple, simultaneous disruption of gene functions. We here at the DRSC are seeing an increase in the number of studies that combine multiple high-throughput approaches and/or disruption under multiple contexts, working towards understanding networks at a systems level.

The authors conclude in their review of the work that:

The analysis of multiple mutants and multiply perturbed cells provides crucial information for reconstructing the ‘wiring diagram’ of the cell.

Quote from:  Giaever & Nislow (2009) Knocking sense into regulatory pathways. Nature Biotechnology 27(2):149-150.

Papers discussed in this News & Views:

Bakal, C. et al.  (2008) Phosphorylation networks regulating JNK activity in diverse genetic backgrounds. Science 322, 453–456.  Featuring work performed at the DRSC.

Capaldi, A.P. et al. (2008) Structure and function of a transcriptional network activated by the MAPK Hog1. Nat. Genet. 40, 1300–1306.

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Stephanie Mohr said...

Another to look at, "Networking on the fly" in Nature Reviews Cancer and the original research article it discusses, Liu et al. (2009) Analysis of Drosophila Segmentation Network Identifies a JNK Pathway Factor Overexpressed in Kidney Cancer. Science. PubMed 19164706.