Tuesday, October 22, 2013

DRSC DIOPT and DIOPT-DIST ortholog tools now include Xenopus and S. pombe

The DRSC is pleased to announce that our DIOPT and DIOPT-DIST tools for ortholog search now include Xenopus and S. pombe in addition to fly, worm, S. cerevisiae, zebrafish, mouse and human. We added these two new species in response to community feedback.

What's the difference between DIOPT and DIOPT-DIST?

DIOPT lets you search for orthologs for any pair of species (e.g. zebrafish orthologs of fly genes, or yeast orthologs of a mouse gene). Results from 10 different public tools/alorithms are shown.

DIOPT-DIST lets you search using any of the non-human species we report, and view not just putative human orthologs but also connections between those human orthologs and disease. Alternatively, you can start with a disease, view human genes associated with that disease and orthologs of those human genes in a given species of interest.

If you use these tools, please cite our paper:  Hu et al. BMC Bioinformatics. PMID: 21880147

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