Monday, March 3, 2014

Large-scale in vivo RNAi screen for factors related to germline stem cells

Yan D, Neumüller RA, Buckner M, Ayers K, Li H, Hu Y, Yang-Zhou D, Pan L, Wang X, Kelley C, Vinayagam A, Binari R, Randklev S, Perkins LA, Xie T, Cooley L, Perrimon N. A regulatory network of Drosophila germline stem cell self-renewal. Dev Cell. 2014 Feb 24;28(4):459-73. PMID: 24576427.

From the abstract: "... To comprehensively identify components of these networks, we performed a large-scale RNAi screen in Drosophila female germline stem cells (GSCs) covering ∼25% of the genome. The screen identified 366 genes that affect GSC maintenance, differentiation, or other processes involved in oogenesis. Comparison of GSC regulators with neural stem cell self-renewal factors identifies common and cell-type-specific self-renewal genes. ..."

These authors deposited screen data into RSVP, the TRiP's RNAi Stock Validation and Phenotypes data repository. Additional data submissions welcome!  Check it out online here.

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