Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Sneak peak for blog readers: Gene List Annotation for Drosophila (GLAD) at DRSC

For years the DRSC has been putting together gene lists, e.g. to build focused cell-based RNAi libraries like our kinases and phosphatases library.

We recently built an online tool, GLAD, to support search and view of the several gene lists put together by Hu et al. over the years. When possible, the lists are annotated with information regarding confidence. Some lists are based on biochemical function (e.g. kinases) and others are based on biological function (e.g. autophagy). Check it out! 

A companion paper has been accepted by Journal of Genomics. I'll post when it's out.

At the online tool, you can suggest additions or changes to the list, or suggest relevant papers, so that we can improve the resource over time.

We have also made it possible for the community to quickly use a gene list to find relevant TRiP and other RNAi fly stocks in public collections.

See also related post on the complementary gene groups resource at FlyBase.

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