Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Breaking Report--DRSC Screen Data Published

What's on my desk to read today?  

Sessions et al. (2009) Discovery of insect and human dengue virus host factors. Nature 458:1047-1050. And see Editor's Note in the same issue of the journal.

This screen was performed at the DRSC using our whole-genome dsRNA library.

In the paper, the authors report the results of the Drosophila screen. Plus follow-up in human cells--they used siRNAs to target homologs of the fly genes they identified--and in the dengue virus vector mosquito Ae. aegypti--which they inject with dsRNA. The authors report "notable conservation of required factors between dipteran [fly & mosquito] and human hosts."

Using RNAi in three species to get closer to combating an infectious disease endemic in three continents and for which there is currently no vaccine or cure? Pretty darned cool.

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