Friday, January 9, 2015

Over-expression of transcription factors--resource and screen paper from Deplancke lab

Early online at Genome Research:  A large-scale, in vivo transcription factor screen defines bivalent chromatin as a key property of regulatory factors mediating Drosophila wing development. Claus Schertel, Monica Albarca, Claudia Rockel-Bauer, Nicholas W Kelley, Johannes Bischof, Korneel Hens, Erik van Nimwegen, Konrad Basler and Bart Deplancke. 2015.

From the abstract: "... We generated 596 site-directed transgenic Drosophila lines that contain integrations of individual UAS-TF constructs to facilitate spatio-temporally controlled misexpression in vivo. All transgenes were expressed in the developing wing and two thirds induced specific phenotypic defects. In vivo knock-down of the same genes yielded a phenotype for 50%, with both methods indicating a great potential for misexpression to characterize novel functions in wing growth, patterning and development. Thus, our UAS-TF library provides an important addition to the genetic toolbox of Drosophila research ..."

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