Wednesday, July 22, 2015

DRSC publishes RBP library resource including 'baseline data' available lots of ways--including interactive!

The DRSC is pleased to announce our new cell-based RNAi library targeting RNA Binding Proteins and corresponding 'baseline' data set. These data should be a helpful reference for anyone analyzing data from screens of the same library with more sophisticated assays.  

Big thanks to all the folks who worked hard to make this possible!

Mohr, Hu, Rudd, Buckner, Gilly, Foster, Sierzputowska, Comjean, Ye and Perrimon (2015) Reagent and Data Resources for Investigation of RNA Binding Protein Functions in Drosophila melanogaster Cultured Cells. Early online at G3 July 2015.

At a DRSC webpage we summarize ways to view the data.

Just one example--when you view the total ATP readout data at you can hover to see gene and reagent identifiers, zoom in on sub-sections of the graph, etc. The data are also available at the DRSC, at NCBI PubChem and no doubt will be imported by the folks at GenomeRNAi.

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