Thursday, July 16, 2015

Methods paper--RNAi screening and the centrosome

Dobbelaere J. Genome-wide RNAi screens in S2 cells to identify centrosome components. Methods Cell Biol. 2015;129:279-300.PMID: 26175444.

From the abstract: "... Genome-wide RNA interference (RNAi) allows for comprehensive screening ... Drosophila tissue culture cells provide an attractive model for such screens. ... Drosophila centrosomes are similar to their human counterparts, but less complex. Thus, all major centrosome components are conserved and fewer redundancies apply ... In this paper, we present detailed instructions for designing, performing, and analyzing a genome-wide screen in Drosophila tissue culture cells to identify centrosome components using a microscopy-based approach."

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